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You should contact us if you are interested in collecting these works. Please, only if you are a collector. 

We are pleased to present an exclusive collection of pastels by the esteemed artist Lorenzo Padilla. Known for his vibrant use of color and expressive abstract forms, Padilla's work captures the essence of movement and emotion. These authenticated pastels, created with masterful technique, offer a window into the artist's unique vision and profound sensitivity.

Padilla, an admired figure in contemporary art, has made significant contributions to the cultural landscape. His legacy includes the donation of hundreds of masterpieces to the art museum in his hometown. He is part of the illustrious era of Cuban masters like Wilfredo Lam and Agustín Cárdenas, who spent much of their artistic careers in France, enriching the global art scene.

This collection is a testament to Padilla's enduring influence and artistic prowess. Each piece invites the viewer to explore the dynamic interplay of color and form, reflecting the depth and complexity of the human experience.

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