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Las Vegas. Enrique Casas

Las Vegas. Enrique Casas

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In the dynamic contemporary art scene, a figure destined to make his mark in art history is emerging:

Enrique Casas Castellanos was born in Matanzas, Cuba, in 1976. He has been a professional artist since 1997, after graduating from the Provincial School of Plastic Arts of Matanzas. The artist lives and works in Cuba, has participated in the last two Havana Biennials and is the first prize winner of the prestigious Leopoldo Romañach Landscape Salon.

Today he works exclusively for the prestigious Cernuda Gallery in Miami and collaborates closely with Collage Habana, the most important gallery in Cuba. This artist, whose unique talent and vision are already recognized in the art world, is on an upward path to the pinnacle of success.

We are privileged to have collected his works before he achieved his current renown, and we are certain that his trajectory still has much to offer and climb to reach the highest peaks of art. His commitment to innovation and artistic expression ensures that his space in art history is not only assured, but will be celebrated for generations to come.

This work made by exclusive commission in 2017, by an artist who is making his mark, his majesty at the very top of art, today we have decided to make it available to potential art lovers. The probability that it will be revalued is extremely high. And the revaluation of a work like this is incredible, because I can assure you that there is no other work with this theme, by this artist and there is only one place where you can acquire pieces before 2021. It is here with us. The collector who owns his art, until 2021. He gave us the opportunity, you decide.

You are one click away from having the privilege of acquiring one of his works.

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This work of art has a high revaluation potential. It is equivalent to the Queen of chess. 👸🏻🥇

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