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Havana #3. Enrique Casas

Havana #3. Enrique Casas

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We present "Havana #3", a series that captures the essence of Havana in an unprecedented period. These paintings, born in the solitude of the pandemic, go beyond being simple representations; they are a reflection of the resilient soul of the city.

The works stand out for capturing Havana's unique light, revealing textures and colors that speak of resilience and hope. In each canvas, the stillness of the streets contrasts with the usual vibrant life, offering a window to reflection and recognition of the strength of the city and its people.

"Havana" is more than an exhibition; it is a dialogue between the artist, the city and the viewer, a tribute to the human capacity to find beauty and meaning, even in challenging circumstances. This collection is a symbol of cultural and emotional resilience, keeping alive the spirit of Havana.

Enrique Casas Castellanos was born in Matanzas, Cuba, in 1976. He has been a professional artist since 1997, after graduating from the Provincial School of Plastic Arts of Matanzas. The artist lives and works in Cuba, has participated in the last two Havana Biennials and is the first prize winner of the prestigious Leopoldo Romañach Landscape Salon.

Today his work is exclusive to the prestigious Cernuda Gallery in Miami and he collaborates closely with Collage Habana, the most important gallery in Cuba. Unique work

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