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Echoes of an Unbreakable Voice. Nina Simone. Yunier Tamayo

Echoes of an Unbreakable Voice. Nina Simone. Yunier Tamayo

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This painting captures the essence of Nina Simone, an artist whose voice transcended the boundaries of jazz to become a symbol of strength and freedom.

The portrait, created with an oil technique that combines elements of pop art and expressionism, reflects the intensity and depth of her character. The color palette, dominated by deep blue tones and touches of vibrant red, evokes both the melancholy and majesty that characterized his music and his life. His gaze, captured in a moment of reflection, seems to transcend the canvas, inviting the viewer into an intimate conversation.

This work is not just a portrait; it is a tribute to the struggle and spirit of Nina Simone. Each brushstroke tells the story of a woman who used her art to challenge the norms, inspiring generations with her unwavering pursuit of justice and her unmistakable musical style. In "Echoes of an Unwavering Voice," the artist has managed to encapsulate not only the image, but the soul of Nina Simone, creating a piece that resonates with the passion and power of her legacy.

Yunier Tamayo Sánchez was born in Manzanillo, Granma, Cuba, in 1983. Painter graduated from the Professional Academy of Plastic Arts "El Alba" (Holguin) and in the refresher course for teachers of plastic art schools ISA - CNEART.

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