Aserela Gallery

"About Us".
For more than a decade, our gallery has been a beacon of support and promotion for talented Cuban artists. Our commitment has led us to assemble an exceptional art collection that not only encompasses works by emerging artists but also those who now work exclusively with prestigious galleries worldwide. After a pause during the pandemic and a renewed vision now from the United States, we are excited to present a curated selection that not only celebrates the artists with whom we maintain an exclusive collaboration, but also those whose careers have reached new horizons.

All works from 2023 onward are by artists we represent. Works dated prior to 2021 are highlights from our collection and artists working with other galleries today. Many of these works are true treasures and are available only through us. These works are a tangible testament to the artistic spirit of Cuban artists, offering our collectors a unique and immersive experience. By acquiring one of these pieces, you are not only investing in high quality art, but also embracing a vital part of Cuban cultural history. This is an exclusive opportunity for those looking to add value, depth and a unique narrative to their collections. We invite you to discover and own a fragment of Cuban art history, a magical opportunity.


Normandis Fernández, Jorge Y. Salomón, Enrique Casas, Yunier Tamayo, Reinier Domínguez, Frank E. Gonzalez, Yeniel Morales, Adrian Socorro, Adrian Ávila, Arael Jiménez, Agustín Cárdenas, Lorenzo Padilla Díaz, Fidelio Ponce de León, Anley Ávila, Yeremy Guerra Reyes, Yudel Francisco Cruz.

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