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Zunzún #3. Arael Jiménez

Zunzún #3. Arael Jiménez

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Arael Jiménez was born in Manzanillo, Cuba, in 1984. The series of zunzúns by this artist, who left the academy to follow his own path, is a celebration of light and color. The works capture the vibrant essence of sunsuns, birds known for their vivacity and energy. The use of bright colors and dynamic brushstrokes reflects the agility and lively spirit of these birds. Through his self-taught approach, the artist succeeds in conveying the movement and joy that these little creatures bring to the natural world, offering a unique perspective that fuses technical skill with emotional and spontaneous expression.

This is beautiful art, for purely decorative purposes, charming.

Unique work

Certificate of authenticity

Low probability of revaluation. Equivalent to the undefended pawn in chess. ♟️

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